7. Identify all external collaborators who are not level H/6 Digital Media Design students, stating why you need these people involved

30 Nov

I shall be using all of my own knowledge are learning some more skill therefore shall not be collaborating with anyone else. This is because I believe I either have all the necessary skills required or am confident in the fact that i shall be able to learn them to implement all the necessary functions of my project.


6. Identify the resources you will need to successfully realise this project.

30 Nov

I intend to create produce all the content using my own resources. I do not require the use of any external equipment due to the nature of my project. As I shall only be making a website I only require the use of my own personal computer. I shall also be using my personal mobile to ensure that the final project is successful on both mobile and desktop scenarios.

As for technical assistance I may require some guidance with any coding bugs that arise but shall not need any direct help from an external coder for the entirety of the project.

5. Identify the skills that will be needed to successfully realise this project

30 Nov

To successfully complete this project I will be required to use a number or all ready obtained skills and to learn other skills to help bring the project together. I shall be using my prior knowledge of both HTML and CSS to compile my website whilst also using some Javascript to produce the interactive map side of the website. From my understanding i believe to have obtained a diverse enough knowledge of both HTML and CSS to ensure that I can create a successful site.

Further I shall also be using the Instagram API to pull images down from Instagram for use in this project. However I have no prior experience with this formant but am confident in my abilities and understand  the time frame provided and believe that the project is still achievable.

4. Detailed Outline of Proposed Project

30 Nov

My desired outcome is to produce an interactive map focusing on many relevant locations around the world that portray progression over time. This piece shall be presented on a website that shall be accessible vie desktop or mobile devices. I intend to ensure that the site has a sleek, clean and minamalistic style. The reason for this is that I want to ensure that the I don’t over power the idea and message of the map with unnecessary extra design and content, I wish for the map to be a standalone webpage with only minimal navigation to help the users with its experience.

The map predominantly focuses on the work/images of others as to create a sense of community and togetherness. Using these works/images to create an experience for the user that helps the idea of human curiosity.

As already discussed and mentioned the context of the project revolves around ideas of human curiosity and their desires for explanation. The idea is that this project help to enhance a users curiosity be giving them a platform to explore the world in pictures over time and also by providing this content it helps to answer many unknown that people will have about different areas of the world we all live on but may not have had the chance to explore or ever visit.

3. Brief Summary of the Proposed Project

30 Nov

My project focuses on visual understanding through a photo interactive map of the world. This delves into methodologies of human perception and curiosity. From this project I wish to raise a platform in which users gain fulfilment from the visual data in a way that sparks and interests the curiosity and needs for answers.

The format of this project will be an interactive website that consists of a worldwide photo map for users to explore. Users will be able to locate an area on the map that spark curiosity and find photos linked to the geo location in a timeline sequence to show the progression and change in that specific area.

1&2 Introduction, Name and Title

30 Nov

This initial post is to discuss and explain my method of categorizing both the tags and categories within this blog to help portray all relevant works to this project and ensure relevant criteria has been completed.

Category 1(Tag=Dossier) will be split into individual post to discuss each section

Category 2(Tag=Research & Progress) this will contain each post from the beginning of the brief and will discuss individually in each post all stages of my relevant research and progression throughout the project.

  1. Name: Joshua Hawes
  2. Project Title: Our World Photos

Design Artefacts

13 Nov

After finalising my research and solidifying the idea, I am certain that I want to base my project around human curiosity and looking at the idea of closure by presenting images from different date and different location around the world using and interactive map.

Now that i am happy with my research I will begin making two artefacts, the first being some wireframes of the website. This is important even though the final design may very slightly different when being the grad project next semester I still need to know the overall layout of the website. The second artefact is looking at plotting geo located images onto a interactive map to ensure that when it comes to collecting photos from Instagram I am able to appropriately apply these correctly to the map.

Why we need answers

29 Oct

A methodology that solidifies my idea of using a map to help portray images around the world is human curiosity and the need for answers.

An interesting post from the site ‘newyorker’ discusses this idea. Psychologist stated that we as human have a very strong determination to resolve any uncertainty(Konnikova, 2013). Through my project I want to use this methodology to help provide a platform in which users can resolve their curiosity of history and culture of different place around the world via photos. This single platform is a place to go in which to seek answers in the form of images. This gives available knowledge to people who are unable to travel and see these in real life.

Kruglanski Donna Webster and provided a way to measure the need for closure, or N.F.C. in which a 42 item scale looked at 5 motivation facets to determine a persons need for closure. It is understood that all humans have a need for closure however the intensity varies person to person. However as this N.F.C is present in everyone the means my target audience is very large and doesn’t have to be narrowed done to small target audience which may have then resulted in less publicity for the website.

Konnikova, M. (2013). Why We Need Answers – The New Yorker. [online] The New Yorker. Available at: http://www.newyorker.com/tech/elements/why-we-need-answers [Accessed 7 Dec. 2015].


Curiosity and digital Content

20 Oct

An interesting abstract from ‘Procedia: Social and Behavioral Sciences’ discusses and interesting topic in which several museums have begun using social media to engage visitor to their content. From this it is understood that using social media as a method of distribution showed increase in peoples human curiosity surrounding culture. (Abraham, 2015)

This is very interesting as it helps solidify the idea that using social media can drastically affect and aid human curiosity in certain fields.

As this idea mainly focuses on culture it gave me the idea that I could encompass this within the map, focusing on memorable places around the world and allowing users to view a certain place at different times throughout history this could most definitely use this idea of cultural human curiosity as suggested above.

Abraham, J. (2015). The Role of Curiosity in Making Up Digital Content Promoting Cultural Heritage. In: Reflections on Creativity: Public Engagement and The Making of Place. Jakarta: Elsevier Ltd.

Selfie City

9 Oct

One of the first piece of work I was informed on was ‘Seflie City’ this is a project in which “investigates selfies using a mix of theoretic, artistic and quantitative methods”(Manovich et al., 2015)

This looks at Selfies from all around the world and portrays the data in many different ways.

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 21.24.53.png

For example above you are able to toggle selfie from 5 top cities and also view them in three different formats. This is very interesting and helped inform my idea

Even though i’m distancing my idea from using selfies I still will be using aspects of this to inform my creative practice. such as the use of being able to see content from top cities around the world as i feel like this shall be most engaging.

Manovich, D., Stefaner, M., Yazdani, M., Baur, D., Goddemeyer, D., Tifentale, A., Hochman, N. and Chow, J. (2015). selfiecity. [online] selfiecity. Available at: http://selfiecity.net/ [Accessed 7 Oct. 2015].