Design Artefact 2 – Photo City Gallery

5 Dec

After spending lots of time trying to assign a picture to a google map using the google API I ran out of time. I was able to extract geo from a desired image and assign a marker to that location on a map as shown from the image below, however after hours of coding i was still struggling on figuring out how to then place the desired image into the “infoWindow”.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 01.04.37.png

As time was an issue here it became aparant there was not enough time to finish this artefact before the presentation deadline. So I started a new artefact with the little time I had remaining which wasn’t much.

The artefact i was able to make is an simple example of how i wish my navigation of cities and layout of image to be without the overriding map feature.

I was able to create a simple HTML and CSS gallery of images with tabs for each city. This resembles ideas that where created from artefact 1, the wireframe. Below is a short video of the gallery of cities in progress.

Due to the wasted time this was the only option and was the last chance i had to produce a artefact that still resembled the features that i would like to include in the final project. With more time i would have liked to also the other buttons similar to the wireframe that would allow the users to change the year in the photos where taken but this wasn’t feasible in my limited time frame.




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