Design Artefact 1 – Wireframe

1 Dec

My first artefact is a wireframe mock up of my intended website. I want for the user to not feel like it is being shown a large bundle of data straight away, i want the user to come away feeling like they have had an experience. To achieve this I want the website to be easy of use, have lots of interactivity and be visually appealing.

My first thought when doing sketches was what is the first thing the users is going to see. Because of this wanted to incorporate a landing page. As from experience as being a users of a range of website in my opinion a landing page is perfect for this scenario. This is because it introduces the users to what is to come and gives them a metaphorical front door to the experience in which they have to open.

Below is a simple example of a splash page or landing page for reference.



Above is the final wireframe design consisting of a splash screen with enter button then buttons or tabs for different cities and different years and the map in the middle of these two. This is a simple design that shall be implemented effectively with bold colour but minimal design as not to take away from the intended experience of the interactive map.


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