4. Detailed Outline of Proposed Project

30 Nov

My desired outcome is to produce an interactive map focusing on many relevant locations around the world that portray progression over time. This piece shall be presented on a website that shall be accessible vie desktop or mobile devices. I intend to ensure that the site has a sleek, clean and minamalistic style. The reason for this is that I want to ensure that the I don’t over power the idea and message of the map with unnecessary extra design and content, I wish for the map to be a standalone webpage with only minimal navigation to help the users with its experience.

The map predominantly focuses on the work/images of others as to create a sense of community and togetherness. Using these works/images to create an experience for the user that helps the idea of human curiosity.

As already discussed and mentioned the context of the project revolves around ideas of human curiosity and their desires for explanation. The idea is that this project help to enhance a users curiosity be giving them a platform to explore the world in pictures over time and also by providing this content it helps to answer many unknown that people will have about different areas of the world we all live on but may not have had the chance to explore or ever visit.


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