Why we need answers

29 Oct

A methodology that solidifies my idea of using a map to help portray images around the world is human curiosity and the need for answers.

An interesting post from the site ‘newyorker’ discusses this idea. Psychologist stated that we as human have a very strong determination to resolve any uncertainty(Konnikova, 2013). Through my project I want to use this methodology to help provide a platform in which users can resolve their curiosity of history and culture of different place around the world via photos. This single platform is a place to go in which to seek answers in the form of images. This gives available knowledge to people who are unable to travel and see these in real life.

Kruglanski Donna Webster and provided a way to measure the need for closure, or N.F.C. in which a 42 item scale looked at 5 motivation facets to determine a persons need for closure. It is understood that all humans have a need for closure however the intensity varies person to person. However as this N.F.C is present in everyone the means my target audience is very large and doesn’t have to be narrowed done to small target audience which may have then resulted in less publicity for the website.

Konnikova, M. (2013). Why We Need Answers – The New Yorker. [online] The New Yorker. Available at: http://www.newyorker.com/tech/elements/why-we-need-answers [Accessed 7 Dec. 2015].



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