Curiosity and digital Content

20 Oct

An interesting abstract from ‘Procedia: Social and Behavioral Sciences’ discusses and interesting topic in which several museums have begun using social media to engage visitor to their content. From this it is understood that using social media as a method of distribution showed increase in peoples human curiosity surrounding culture. (Abraham, 2015)

This is very interesting as it helps solidify the idea that using social media can drastically affect and aid human curiosity in certain fields.

As this idea mainly focuses on culture it gave me the idea that I could encompass this within the map, focusing on memorable places around the world and allowing users to view a certain place at different times throughout history this could most definitely use this idea of cultural human curiosity as suggested above.

Abraham, J. (2015). The Role of Curiosity in Making Up Digital Content Promoting Cultural Heritage. In: Reflections on Creativity: Public Engagement and The Making of Place. Jakarta: Elsevier Ltd.


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