Graduate Project Introducation

1 Oct

For my final graduate project I am required to create a digital piece that shall be presented at the final graduate show. This semester we would be completing two units. the dissertation and then ‘Developing Media Design Concepts’. within this unit we would be planning and researching for the final project.

From the beginning of this unit I was very unsure of where to start and what i wanted to be producing. After being shown briefs for the project and told that we should be focusing ideas in using around 80% of something we know and 20% something new. From this I knew that i wanted to make a website however that as far I got.

Then my initial thought was to produce a map of selfie. however this became apparent very quickly that it didn’t have much weight to it and wouldn’t be suffice for a project of this manor.

after doing some research looking into this map idea i came across some similar ideas surrounding selfie and wanted to use some ideas from this but make it my own. Thats when I began the idea of using cultural landmarks around the world to spark debate and allow the user to view places around the world without having to have been there or ever go there. this is where my research began.


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