Testing Installation 2

20 Jan

After testing the project in Weymouth house I decided I wanted to gather some more personal opinions so setup the project on a screen at home and asked my friends to play around with it and tell me what they thought

The most interesting response I received was that of one of my more shy friends. Initially she didn’t like being on camera and was hiding her face when I was asking her to give me her opinion and then when she figured out how the process worked and that actually when her face was detected and could be seen that the screen would blur. This then meant she was much more her self and not trying to hide away, she then begun to move around on and of screen playing with it seeing its capabilities. Out of all the interactions this was the most memorable as it distinctly links back to the research surrounding performance theories that I researched towards the beginning of the project and therefore shows that the project meets direct action required in the brief.

Other small noted taken by different friends where one, they thought that there blur wasn’t strong enough as some detail was still noticeable. This was an easy iteration after some testing of numbers within the code and discussion between other I ended up doubling the blur filter from what it was initially. Finally the other note was that people wanted the video feed to be full screen as to be a more immersive feel and have nothing else in the way. Again this was easy to implement by just using this simple line of code;

boolean sketchFullScreen() {
  return true;

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