Creating the Installation 2

31 Dec

Today I installed the OpenCv library in Processing and begun to look into the face tracking code needed for my installation project.

I began playing around with the basic tracking code one my own and with friends to understand how it worked and what i could and couldn’t track.

This was important as it gave me and understanding of how my installation will work once complete. Playing with the code i was able to find out the the face could be track from a decent enough distance away from the camera, this was very important for the project as people experiencing the installation wouldn’t be as close to the camera as normal, so knowing that wouldn’t be a problem was good.

Other things noticed where that the face can easily be blocked by objects such as hands and also interestingly large hats worn sometimes confuse the installation and then a face isn’t detected in some cases. However is very unlikely so shall not be a huge problem in my case.

Below is a short video showing the tracking working.


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