Processing – Final Idea

8 Dec

After using Processing for some time now and beginning to understand the fundamentals i have become interested in the use of camera interactions and manipulations you can do based on what the camera is able to interpret. I have now been experimenting and looking at examples from the OpenCV Library.

In the media currently privacy and anonymity is huge deal, with this being said I wanted my project to have a simplistic idea based around these two concepts. This being said my final idea was the use OpenCV’s library to track faces on the screen and then manipulate the screen to blur whenever a face was present and not blur when a face wasn’t.

The aim of this is to get the passersby to think more about how they are watched and how many times they are captured on camera throughout a single day. Its overwhelming just how many CCTV cameras are in operation throughout the UK. The idea is the get the passersby to understand this and take into consideration if they agree or disagree with this and whether this alters there actions in any way.

I shall be looking into further detail about the ideas surrounding privacy and anonymity with relevant theories and current media forms.


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