Design Iterations – Poster Brief Final Day

9 Oct

After the initial iterative design process for the poster and data collection on the area we would be putting or posters in we had a final design that was ready to be used. As  a group we decided to place our posters on the sliding doors at the very entrance to Weymouth House, below are some images of the location and design within the space.

Final Poster in Weymouth House

Final Poster in Weymouth House

After seeing what kind of response the poster received from being in this location as a group we decided to then move the poster to a new location to gage if it would receive a different response. The first location was successful however we felt that as the were placed on the front doors every one coming into the building could see them so that was a positive but we collectively agreed that the poster didn’t hold the attention of anyone for a prolonged period of time. we then moved the the poster further into the space of the foyer and placed them on the central pillar close to the large monitors. From this location we retained more viewers for longer periods of time. Overall we felt that placing the poster in multiple locations was very beneficial as we were able to gage a wider range of views.

Overall the process was very helpful for learning a lot about both the space and the process.

A few things we learnt are;

  • The more colourful posters draw more attention than our white background.
  • People are more drawn to the posters when there are less people in the space.
  • Graphics are not as noticed when the space in busier.
  • The two main screen draw the most attention rather than posters.

Things we would do differently next time would be;

  • Stay for longer periods of time.
  • Come at different times of the day.
  • Ask people more questions.

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