Design Iterations – Poster Brief Data Collection

6 Oct

The next process was to get a better understanding of the space that we would be placing our posters. For this we spent a period of time in the space taking general notes and also stats on the number of people in the space and what they where doing. Some general things that we came to understand was the the main demographic of people where students with also some lecturers. Something that proved to be an issue was that people very rarely paid much attention to and physical posters, if people did pay attention to any content it was on the multiple screens positioned throughout the space.

We then conducted a data collection method in which over a 10 minute period from 12:50 until 13:00 we analysed what people where doing in the space. Below is the data that we recorded;

77 people – Walked through the space

12 people – Bought Coffee

7 people – Working

21 people – Socialising

2 people – Looked at poster Displays

From this information we understand that out poster must be placed at eye level and in the walking path of students for them to take any notice. We also must ensure the poster is bold and stands out from any other content in the space. This process was vital to understanding the space and what to expect when putting our poster up.


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