Design Iterations – Poster Brief

4 Oct

The first unit for this year in DMD is Design Iterations, this is ultimately to process leading up to an interactive design piece that we are going to be producing for the foyer of Weymouth House. Leading up to this project a miniature brief we have been assigned is the design of a poster that represents Dorset becoming independent. This is a small group project to design an A3 poster to help us understand the iterative design process.

The group and I had a research and brain storming session to understand the fundamentals of an independence campaign and the key stigmas of Dorset County. After this session we have a few ideas on paper, a few ideas we drew up focused on agriculture and tourism. Portraying these ideas we created two different sketches using iconic symbols of these ideas such as the beach and pier for tourism and tractors and farmers for agriculture.

After discussing the ideas with both the other groups and lecturer we began to move away from this ideas as we all agreed they didn’t express the right notion we required. From this point we came up with the idea of Dorset removing itself from the United Kingdom, to protray this we wanted to have a map made of two pieces. One being dorset filled in with its flag and the other the UK with its flag, then the Dorset chunk of the map would float away from the rest of the UK. After this meeting we all decided to produce and refine this idea into an actual poster that we would them reflect on together via Facebook.


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