Mini Project 4 – Blender 5

26 Mar

Referring back to a post talking about producing and blender animation of my logo I have been working on this idea further. After facing many issues turning my original logo into a 3D object within blender I decided that I should create a new flatter logo. You can see the result of the new logo in my previous post and this revision of the logo meant that I was much easier able to extrude it to make it 3D.

For the animation I wanted both my name and the logo to enter the scene from the left at the same time. The text would just slide in and the logo would spin in so that it stands out more and is the first thing people. The lighting scene that I used for this animation was two separate mesh planes I then set the surface style to emission, these panes where then directed towards the logo and one was set white and the other a lime green. Below is a image render of the final scene.

Still image of Logo

Still image of Logo

I’m very happy with this final outcome, it has been the first time spending a bit more time on the lighting set up. Perviously i’ve just used the standard in built lights but this time a used the emission feature on a plane and messed around with the colour and strength until i got something I liked. All the things that I have created with blender has been produced on a Macbook Pro, this means that I don’t have a number pad and this slowed the process down a considerable amount as i could use the number pad to quickly change views, for example (0) takes you straight to camera view. To solve this issue you can go into File>User Preferences>Input and check the box that says ‘Emulate Numpad’. This allowed me to use the numbers along the top of the keyboard instead of a numpad. Below is a screen shot of how to do this.

Emulate Numpad

Emulate Numpad

Below is the final render of my short intro, due to lots of time constraints I was forced to reduce the quaility a lot to ensure it was rendered in time. I’m very happy with the outcome of this animation, in my opinion my skills within blender are slowly becoming betters and my outcomes are improving because of it.



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