Mini Project 4 – Blender 4

26 Mar

After learning a range of basic skills within blender I wanted to produce my animated intro containing both my name and my logo in 3D. first I imported my .svg file of my logo that i produced in ‘Inkscape’ into blender. as this was a small image initially I didn’t think that i had worked, however I zoomed in and it was just extremely small in the centre of the scene. So I hit (s) for scale and typed 30, this increased the size of the logo so i was able to word with it. However as i wanted to extrude my logo to make it 3d this looked extremely messy as my logo was very detailed and included lots of different layers. Because of this I then decided that i had to re-create a logo with less colour and a much flatter looking design so that I would be able to extrude it in blender to make it 3D. 


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