Logo Design

26 Mar

For designing my logo I choose to use ‘Inkscape’ this was tool for creating vector images, it is also an open source piece of software. When I designed my first logo I based it on some aspected learnt in a workshop we had on adobe illustrator, this was working with circles and removing overlapping section. I used some of these same techniques in Inkscape to create my logo, below is the final draft of my logo. 


First logo design

Shortly after creating this logo I was presented with a problem the logo was to detailed for use in blender to turn in into a 3D logo. Because of this I decided to start again and produce a much sleeker design with far less small detail. Knowing that I would be turning this 3D one thing I worked on was making holes in the logo so that you can see through it and light can pass through when made 3D in blender. The most important thing about my logo is that people remember it and that I is recognisable to both me and my website. that why I choose to have my initials(JH) cut out of the centre of my logo. Below you can see that final outcome of the logo redesign. 


New logo design


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