Mini Project 4 – Blender 3

22 Mar

Referring back to one of my previous blog posts about animation within blender I began to play around with these techniques at home. I was easily able to use the keyboard shortcut (i) to insert keyframes when I wanted to to change the location rotation and scale. Another feature that was helpful was the changing the screen view to ‘Animation’ this then allowed you to see all of the keyframes for each layer, then if you click the drop down menu of a layer you are given the individual keyframes for all of the aspects that are being changed for the animation. Below is an example of the drop down menu and each of the things that can be manipulated or removed if you don’t want them to be changed on that keyframe.

Animation Screen

Animation Screen

After trying out these techniques I had the idea of repurposing the football that I had previously modelled and animating that. For this I simply wanted the ball to start of screen and it to roll from one side to the other and of the screen again. This was surprisingly simple to produce. I set up the camera along the horizon line then moved the ball of to the left side of the scene then inserted a keyframe here. I then moved to frame 60 and moved the ball to the right hand side of the frame and rotated it on the x axis multiple times and this gave the effect of the ball rolling through the scene.

I then rendered it out to a quicktime movie at 1920×1080 the final result can be seen below.

I am very happy with this result and the process has taught me some vital aspects of the software and helped me understand a lot more. This shall help when I comes to producing my animated logo intro.


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