Mini Project 4 – Blender 2

20 Mar

Referring back to my last post talking about ‘Blender’ we have now recently been introduced into the animation within the software. Again this was obviously a very time consuming thing but was very enjoyable. Within the workshops we worked on the start up file cube to test out our animations.

A shortcut key used a lot throughout this technique was (i). This was used to create keyframe on the time frame. to animate the cube you right click it press (i) and choose LocRotScale. This place a keyframe where the mouse pointed was placed on the time line and took the details of the location, rotation and scale of the object you had clicked on. There are lots of other things that you can choose instead however we initially started with this

As one of my previous projects was 2d animation in Flash this also follows that same idea of keyframes. However ‘Blender’ is on a whole new level, its obviously has the added feature of 3D but just overall it is a much more powerful piece of software and also i was going to continue with flash that may not be the case now i’m slowly learning the process in blender.

After this workshop again I did some research, from doing so I found some amazing short animation such as:

This was of a much higher standard than I am currently able to produce. But my final aim for blender is currently to produce a well light scene that is animated with my name and 3d logo included.



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