Mini Project 4 – Blender

16 Mar

Recently we have been introduced to a new piece of software called ‘Blender’ (, 2014). It is open source software free for all, that is used to create 3D scenes. This is not the only use of blender it can be used for video editing, colour grading, photo editing, animation, modelling, motion tracking and loads more.

After having a look around the software i felt very unfamiliar with any controls and keyboard shortcuts and was struggling a lot. After workshops I chose to look around for some online text and video tutorials that would explain and help me produce some renders. I have been working on make text 3d dimensional and to set up a studio style background that can be used to showcase a range of different models.

After following an online tutorial I begun to remember some of the keyboard shortcuts and this speed up the time that i took to complete models. An example below if a football that I made, i’m very happy with the outcome as previosly I have just been playing around with text and planes so this was a big jump. In the future I shall try to experiment a bit more with lighting as I feel this is very important to get a god final render and.


Football Final Render


References 2014. – Home of the Blender project – Free and Open 3D Creation Software. [online] Available at: [Accessed: 16 Mar 2014]



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