Mini Project 3 – Kinetic Typography – Outcome 1

10 Mar

Initially I wanted to complete the whole 1 minute speech for this typography task however I underestimated the length of time these types of effects took to complete. Due to a complete redesign of my website and the start of a 3D modelling task I was short for time. I therefore stuck to the originally required 15 second video length.

This task was very enjoyable and i’ve learnt a lot through the process, remembering a variety of shortcuts was the most important thing i felt. Within affects if you don’t know the majority of the keyboard shortcuts your constantly going into menus trying to find the setting/effects you require. However throughout the production I quickly picked up all the important shortcuts. For example (a) anchor point, (p) position, (s) scale, (r) rotation, (t) opacity and (e) drop shadow. Learning these did speed up the process drastically.

I am very happy with my outcome however when I finally rendered out the file the aspect ration was off. Even though in After Effects the ‘Comp’ looked to be the correct size of (1920×1080) my ‘Comp’ Settings’ where set to DV1/DV PAL Widescreen 1.46. I should have set the preset to ‘HDTV 1080 24’ and the ‘pixel aspect ratio’ to ‘square pixels’.

Below is the outputted render of the 15 seconds I produced.

I would like to finish of this project to complete the full 1 minute speech in the future when there is time, when I do this I shall amend my Comp setting to ensure correct pixel aspect ration.


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