Mini Project 2 – Photography – Extended

7 Mar

I have chosen to extend the photography mini project a bit further, moving away from the alphabet photography idea I wanted to to use of new piece of software that i was introduced to in a workshop. The software is called ‘Hugin’ is its panorama stitching piece of software that is open source. I was very impressed with the capabilities of this software. Lot’s of panoramas that i have seen are of natural outdoor landscapes and buildings. However after looking at so many of these i wanted to add a different twist to this. I choose to photograph my Uni room in halls, This is because it where I predominately spend the majority of time working on all of my design processes and i wanted it to feature in my history of projects. Below is the final image I was able to produce using this software.



I’m very interested in the idea of inside Panoramas and will definitely be taking this further looking into what indoor spaces I can show of with this new technique i’ve learnt.


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