Mini Project 2 – Photography – Summary/Outcome 1

3 Mar

After a long time in pairs we found all the letters that we required for the final composition. This task was very interesting we where both trying to find objects and shapes that could resemble the shapes required. I feel that we effectively developed our view on the world regarding the aim of the brief. 

After taking each of the photos into the Photoshop I decided to change the canvas size to a square rather than a rectangle, this fit my idea proportionality better. I then added a black and white effect to each letter, the reason for this was that it added more emphasise on the shadows which allowed the shapes to stand out further making them easier to recognise. 

When putting all the letters together I chose to use the photoshop guides, using this tool was very effective as it helped align all the images ensuring they where level and had the same distance between one another. 


Use of Photoshop Guides

Below is the final result of the photo banner, I am very happy with the outcome and believe that some letters are a lot easier to see than they initially where when photographing so i’m pleased with the result. After this brief I would like to carry on taking photographs and seeing what outcomes I can produce. We recently had a workshop on a piece of open source software that can be used to stitch images together to create a panorama, so my next post may include some example of work using that. 


Final Banner Image


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