Mini Project 2 – Photography – Interpretation 1

1 Mar

We have recently been set a photography task, this was to use a digital SLR to take photos of objects/things that formed the shape of letters. We had to produce a banner style image that contained each of the separate letters that made up our names. This meant I would be searching for the letters ‘J-O-S-H H-A-W-E-S’. The aims of this brief would be to try help us be in a mind set that made us think about the world around us in a different way, for example focusing on pattern, colour, shape and form. 

Before starting this project I did some research and found a photographer named Jennifer Blakeley who focuses on this style of artwork. Her style is very rustic and old fashioned. This was part of my inspiration as I would try recreate this effect focusing on texture and applying a black and white distortion to the final images.

So we set out in a pair and went on the search for these naturally occurring letters. This was a very interesting task to complete as it made us look at the world in a very different way than I usually do. 

References 2014. Alphabet Photography UK – Personalised Word Art. [online] Available at: [Accessed: 29 February 2014].



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