Mini Project 1 – Animation – Extended

21 Feb

I choose to extend some of the techniques of animation further with a small piece of work. For this I wanted to create a quick stop motion time lapse using my iPad and the sunset. As my Bedroom window doesn’t face the sunset I used my flatmates and had to tape my iPad to the window as there was no ledge to rest it on. In hindsight this was a bad idea however lucky nothing was broken in the process. My inspiration came from videos such as ‘stunning time-lapse video: Elemental Iceland’ that was uploaded by The National Geographic YouTube channel. To some extent I wanted to play around with the idea of light and time, this i why i chose to to a time-lapse of the sunset. For this process I used an iPad app that i was introduced to called ‘iMotion HD’ this is a free piece of software that allows you to take photos on you iPad and choose the quality and how often a photo is taken, you can then choose the frame rate and export it to a video.

I’m very happy with the outcome of this video however I definitely feel as though this idea could be made more professional and higher quality. As with the iPad i had zero control of the camera properties that why in the future I would like to try this again linking my Canon 650d DSLR up to my Macbook and running a piece of software called DSLR Assistant available for mac. This allows me to tether my camera to my computer then I have full control of my DSLR settings within it and am able to have the high quality images and choose the time interval between each image.




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