Mini Project 1 – Animation – Summary/Outcome 2

20 Feb

After working in Adobe Flash CS6 for a while I began to pick up old techniques that I had used in the past. Along with prior experience with the software and that my ideas where simple yet distinct and effective this helped with the timing. This was because the project I was making featured a total of 360 frames as my animation was set to 24fps (frames per second) as this is PAL standard.


360 Frames

I had multiple layers in the animation as I was using a range of different shapes that would transform and change between each frames. This was very time consuming as I had to change the size and aspects of each of the shapes for each of the 360 frames.

Some features inside Adobe Flash CS6 that I found very helpful where the align tool this was specifically helpful as it allowed me to centre certain shaped and object to the frame allowing them to all be in exactly the same place. Another tool I used a lot was the transform tab, this allowed me the change the scale, rotation and skew of each object very precisely meaning that it changed transformation by the same amount between each frame.


Align tools


Transform tools









The next process was producing the sound track, for this we where required to use Apples Garage Band. For professional client work this wouldn’t be suitable but for this task it fit well. I followed the same as the ‘Blinkity Blank’ Video. I create a sound track that was in time and kept the same tempo as the action within the animation.

After this project I feel that I re-learnt some techiniques within the Flash that I had forgotten and I feel this is very helpful as lots of tools inside Adobe Flash is transferable to other similar Adobe products that I will be using constantly throughout my time as a designer. I would like to further this idea of animation and maybe take the route of trying to tell a story and build characters in a series of short films. My background in sound production is very minimal so this small project helped me get started and I shall progress this further to see what I can produce.

My final Animation for this project can be viewed below.


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