Mini Project 1 – Animation – Summary/Outcome 1

18 Feb

After working with the Praxinoscope in the workshop i produced an array of different designs, the two main ones I focused on where the flower/butterflies and the slice of pizza.

Flower Drawings

Flower Drawings

Above is the 12 drawn frames from the flower animation. The issue with this was that when i placed it in the Praxinoscope the butterflies didn’t look like they where moving much. The reason behind this was that the animation wasn’t long enough and the movement was far to subtle and not exaggerated enough

So this I when i moved away from the idea of the flower and chose to do the below animation of a slice of pizza being eaten bite by bite.

Pizza Drawings

Pizza Drawings

Animated GIF

Animated GIF

I am happy with the outcome of my work, I feel that it was very helpful for many reasons. This includes idea creation and how to be innovative rather than just producing a character based animation. This small project also allowed me to understand the underlying basics and some techniques used in early animation and processes that are still vital today. I would like to pursue the ideas of animation a little further with projects including stop-motion and some more digital techniques.


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