Mini Project 1 – Animation – Interpretation 1

16 Feb

The brief for the first animation task to to produce a 12 frame hand drawn animation, we would then be able to use a Praxinoscope to test out our ideas. My initial idea was to create a layered animation focusing on the early idea of drawing on transparent cells that can be changed to create motion and the idea of parallax (Kuhn and Westwell, 2012). I used the idea that you can draw on different transparent cels for the background, mid ground and foreground. For example if you had a still background you wouldn’t have to draw this out each time you can use it again and only have to draw the foreground.

My idea was to have a still flower in the background with butterflies hovering around it. I used this idea of cel animation in a different way, I used a lightbox just to copy the flower onto each 12 of the frames, this helped save time and allowed the flower to be exactly the same each frame. I then added a few butterflies that moved up and down between each frame.

When I tested this idea out on the Praxinoscope I didn’t like the final outcome. Although the technique used was effective I wasn’t overly happy with the result. One issue I found whilst practising with hand drawn animation is that you have to over exaggerate movement considerably more than you would expect.

After a few failed tests with easier objects such as bouncing balls to worked out how much I had to exaggerate and stretch objects to create a realistic movement, I then decided on a final design. This design was a slice of pizza that had bites taken out of it frame by frame.

Please read my next blog where I shall be showing the outcome of both the flower and the pizza animations and explaining how I digitised them.


Kuhn, A. and Westwell, G. 2012. A dictionary of film studies. Oxford: Oxford University Press.


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