Channel Project Update – Website

10 Feb

Our Channel Project is now fully complete, the videos are edited, exported and uploaded to YouTube and the website has been complete.

The website focus’s on a white grey and black scheme, the reason behind this was that after research at looks on similar technology sites that report news this was a common theme of colours. It also is helps portray a futuristic look to the site that is also encompassed by the welcome slogan and logo that floats in the middle of the page whilst the background is still scrollable. This gives of the impression of a hovering effect, the background is compromised of three images to loop infinitely and fade in to the next. In the footer of the page we have links to three of our social media pages, these being Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The reason we placed these at the bottom of the page and not the top was that we thought people are likely to finish reading the content and reach the bottom and when wanting more they can then follow the links for more info on our social media pages.

Time Frame - Home Page

Time Frame – Home Page

Along the top of the site we have 4 tabs these consist of Home, About, News and Contact. When the viewer rolls the mouse over any of these tabs they will change to a dark red, this is to shower the user where they are on the page. Next is the About page, this features the same layout style with the looping background and centred content that is scrollable. The page features a small portion of text explaining the company and the aims that we have, then below we have head shots of our the crew and staff. When the mouse is hovered over any of the images it changes then from black and white to a red with a text overlay of the roles they manage.

Time Frame - About Us Page

Time Frame – About Us Page

The next tab we have is News, this tab holds all of the videos that we produced. Each video sits inside its own wrapper that contains a title and a brief summary of the product being reviewed. The video player has been made using pure css to ensure compatibility via all the main browsers. We then have the video in multiple file types to ensure that each browser is able to play the video as well.  

Time Frame - News Page

Time Frame – News Page

Finally the last page we have is contact. At the top of the page we have listed all of our social media pages so that viewers are able to keep up to date with any content we produce. We then have a clean easy contact form that people can fill in if they want to speak to us about and ideas or future content they wish to promote.

Time Frame - Contact Page

Time Frame – Contact Page

Overall I think we have produced and effective website that portrays the image they we desire and and images graphics and content are of high standard.


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