Channel Project Update – Editing

10 Feb

The editing process has now been complete on time before the deadline. Between the two of us we decided to tackle the editing by doing two videos each, this us allowed us more time to spend perfecting each video. My job was to focus on the ‘Portal’ and ‘Teleporting’ videos, to edit these I used Final Cut Pro X.

For the start of the videos i chose to use a iconic spinning world intro screen that is widely recognised as a news broadcast, i then placed a png of our logo over the top to show our company name and brand. This intro also was accompanied by a 6 second sound track that was downloaded and is allowed for commercial use.


Time Frame News Intro

The next scene would be the two news anchors reporting on the latest advance in technology. The reason we shot these scenes on the green screen was that we would then be able to key out the green and replace it with an animated studio background to give the effect of them being in a news studio. The final out come can be seen below and is surprisingly realistic.


News Anchors in the studio

Sticking with the running theme of a news broadcast I then added a lower third that shows the names of the two News Anchors reporting. Below is the result of this.


Lower third indicating news anchor name

Next is the showcase of the products that the anchors are talking about, The first video was portals so we have Oli in a hallway showing of this new technology. I was able to achieve this effect by placing two identical layers of Oli placing his hand out in front of himself onto the background image of a hallway. The background is just a still image and the video of Oli was shot on a green screen, so I keyed out all the green and then placed to animated portals behind and in front of him. Next I cropped and feather both copies of this layer differently and aligned them with the portal to give the effects of his hand going in one portal and coming out of the other.


Final Portal effect


Green screen un edited

The showcase for the Teleporting video was much simpler there was no green screening required. For the effect in this video I took two videos of Jake from the two locations one outside in the rain and then indoors. Placing the video of Jake outside in the rain first I then used the audio levels to find the exact point that he clicks and cut the video about half way through the audio of the click. I then did the same for the video of Jake inside out of the rain to give the effect of him teleporting outside to inside.


Shot 1 – Jake outside


Shot 2 – Jake inside

Both videos then ended back in the studio with the reporters saying thanks for watching join us next time. In my opinion I am happy with all of the videos and the final visual effects that I was able to implement.


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