Channel Project Update – Filming

6 Feb

We have now completed our filming that needs to done in the green screen studio. For the filming process we decided to hire out a Panasonic video camera that we had previously had a video workshop on, this was helpful as so we all knew how to operate the camera. We also decided to hire a clip on tie microphone, this was helpful as it allowed us to attach it to the person who would be the news anchor and would be able to pick up clear audio of their voice as this was the only sound required.

After the two days that we had hired out the green screen studio we finished shooting all the indoor footage required with out facing many problem along the way. The only problem we encountered was the fact that none of us in the group where great actors, the result of this was that we had to shoot lots of takes to make sure we had enough to choose the best. An affect of this was that the end video didn’t look as professional as we hoped as some actors looked nervous on screen, to rectify this in further projects we would think about recruiting people that have a background in acting.

We however have now come across issues with further filming. Due to bad weather we are now unable to film tomorrow this is an issue as it halts the editing process for one day, to combat this I began editing all of the green screen footage we have to ensure we have sufficient time when we shoot the rest to edit it all together to meet the deadline.


Filming in the green screen studio


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