Channel Project Update – Re-design and Social Media

25 Jan

Between meetings we had been always keeping in contact with all members of the team via a group chat on Facebook, this was effective as we could always talk about any issues we had a quickly rectify them, this helped to save time. As a group we all decided that we didn’t really like the idea for the company name and logo, this being ‘Momentum’. So we then spent a few hours collating a re-brand strategy. In the end we agreed on the name ‘Time Frame’.

We felt that the name fit well with our company and target audience as it quite clearly showcases our understanding in travel. The logo also features a very futuristic look that is effective due to the font chosen. Below is our final render of the logo created along with the reduced logo for use around social media.


Final logo


Social media profile logo

As a group we a pleased with our decision for the final logo, this is because effectively helps brand the company and is easily recognisable.

We then did some group research into the importance of social media. As explained by Daugherty et al (2014) We came to understand that word of mouth (WOM) was of huge importance to consumer behaviour however this was constructed before the idea of social media arose, this then started a new form of called electronic word of mouth (eWOM) we felt that for marketing our brand it is vital to always have an online social presence to advertise and connect with consumers on a intimate one to one basis.

As we thought the ‘T’ at the start of the logo was very distinguishable we thought that we could use just that for some aspects of the company branding such as social media profile pictures. This was effective as we could keep the ‘T’ at a reasonable size and not have to shrink down the logo ending in viewers not seeing/recognising the brand. Below our the home pages for our Twitter and YouTube accounts that successfully use both our full logo and profile style logo to help express our brand.


Time Frame news Twitter


Time Frame News Facebook


Daugherty, T, & Hoffman, E 2014, ‘eWOM and the importance of capturing consumer attention within social media’, Journal Of Marketing Communications, 20, 1/2, pp. 82-102, Business Source Complete, EBSCOhost, viewed 25 January 2014.


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