One Day Group Project

14 Jan

Today we where set a one day group project, this was to design a logo for our channel brief that we would later be producing a website and videos for. Before starting logo designs we had to come up with an idea of what we wanted our channel to be about. After group discussion and some brain storming we all agreed on a travel news company that was set in the future, we would broadcast the lasts news and technologies for the forefront of travel. After agreeing on this we all then produced some ideas for the logo. Below are a few ideas that we produced;


ImPossible – wifi/boat logo

Firstly we decided on the name ImPossible, playing on the the word impossible but using I’M to now state that this type of travel is now possible. This logo features a few aspects for example the dot and three bars where used to represent both boat sales to show travel and also wifi bars to show technology. then the word design below uses the YouTube logo design to show that we a channel that produces regular videos.


ImPossible – Typography logo

This next logo we went down the route of typography, this has become very popular recently and we thought that it would be possible to incorporate it into our logo. The letters are arranged to form the look of a man with a jetpack. Because of the orientation and placement of the letters we believed the idea behind it was great however didn’t fit the purpose that we required and made the logo hard to understand.


Momentum final logo

Then after some careful consideration are group decided on changing the name all together as we all felt it did not explain the ethics and understanding of our company in a way that we want. This is when we chose to change the name to ‘Momentum’. After this decision we refined the above logo, this used the word momentum with some perspective on the text traveling through two portals. We felt that this showed our company in a way that made more sense as it showed the futuristic style and clears emphasised travel.

After deciding on this logo we placed it on some products to ensure that it would fit well on a range of things such as mugs, letter heads, business cards and more.


Momentum logo on mugs


Momentum business cards


Momentum letter head


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