Concept Brief 2: Fire Kills

9 Dec

The second group project we had to complete was to produce a presentation pitch on a brief regarding fire safety. It was interesting to apply the skills and techniques we learnt throughout the first brief and to improve them to help complete this new task to the best of our abilities.


The idea that we focused on was to produce a browser based 3D floor plan game that users can choose between different aspects and it will evidently auto generate a video that is based on the answers they provided. For example as the user walks around the house they may get the choice to move objects that block doors, pick up their keys, and more. An example would be that if the user chose not to pick up their keys then when their video was generated one thing it would include would be that they where locked inside the house for example.

We chose to produce our own interactive video rather than using YouTube’s service as we found it to be rather clunky and if we made our own we can allow the user to input different action simultaneously to produce one video rather than one at a time.



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