First Concept Brief: Bristol Zoo

4 Dec

My first concept brief within the concept and ideation module was to come up with an idea that included a new way of digital interaction within Bristol Zoo. So in our small group we began brainstorming ideas on paper with our thoughts and along with research about the zoo. We done this by finding out what digital presence the zoo already had then we discussed what we all thought where the key aspect/features of a zoo.


The next step that we took was to combine the key factors of what we thought a zoo was and to incorporate as many of them as possible into a piece of interactive digital media. We came up with a few ideas such as touch screen quizzes placed around the zoo, QR codes for factual information, 3D mapping for tours, however we then came up with the idea of a planetarium style dome that featured different habitats and animals.


We decided to focus on this idea and to build upon it further, we done this by included all the key features of a zoo that we came up with throughout the brainstorming. This lead to a few ideas such as an interactive touch screen floor, for example in the sea biome the floor would imitate the sea bed and children could partake in mini-games to find a certain amount of coloured shells etc. We decided to have 4 biomes these being ocean, jungle, snow and safari. Each habitat people entered they would encountered relevant animals that would interact with the people on where they stood inside the dome. For the adults we decided that on the walls of the dome small facts would appear next to animals to show information.

This was a really interesting first group project to work on and pitch, it started my creative mind set on coming up with new ideas based on previous work and to ensure all brief aspects where met.



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