What is Identity?

1 Dec


What is my identity? Am i just one person? Do i have more than one identity?

These are all very interesting questions and concepts that we have been discussing in one of my key thematic lectures. It is evident that we all have multiple identities that we are perceived as for example i am a Brother, Cousin, Friend, Boyfriend, Son, Colleague, and many many more. In each of these identities i am perceived via a range of traits and these mixtures of traits assist to mould me and my identity.

The interesting thing is that we all are shaped via how we interact with different aspects of media, for example the type of music I listen to may place me into a stereotype, the TV and Films that i watch may explain what my interests are, and the content that i produce explains wether i am a creative or passive person.

Another interesting thing to consider is that we also have group identities wether that be large groups of just two people, for example referring back to my previous statement. I will act very different around my social group of friends than i do around my colleagues, this is because i have to portray a positive mental attitude within the workplace however I am more open around friends.

A question that puzzles me is “Do we have full control of our Identity?”

I don’t have a definite answer to this…

What are your opinions?


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